Bheeshma director for Mahesh!


Nothing is finalised for Mahesh. They said that Mahesh is doing a movie with Prasuram the director of Geeta Govindam. It is from Mythri movies. Now they are talking about a movie of Mahesh with the director of Chalo and Bheeshma.

Bheeshma has done well despite the scare of Corona Virus. It was a big hit for Nithin. It is reported that Mahesh is liberally coming forward to listen to the storylines of the new directors and that they won’t give him an opportunity.

The idea is to do movies at a lower cost at a faster pace and earn a fast buck in the process. The experiment with Anil Rvipudi has proved a great success in making fast bucks. 60 crores in just six months time for Mahesh is a good remuneration.

That is the way he wants to go forwards and now he is looking at Venki Kudumula the director who has given the latest hit called as Bheeeshma for Nithin.

Vamsi Paidipally and Koratala can wait for Mahesh with mega-budget movies. Till such time Mahesh can take a risk with the medium budget directors and make megabucks.

Mahesh is also looking at Bollywood with an offer from Sajid Nadiadwala.