Bheeshma coming to your Home


Bheeshma the hit movie of Nithin is coming got your home Via Digital Platform. It will on Netflix and Sun next platform on 25th April. It was hair movie for Nithin when he was trying to get married.

The marriage has been postponed due to Corona. But now his movie is coming on Digital platform. Who knows in future the movies could be released on Digital platform directly.
Big directors like Rajamouli are also planning of an alternative to theatres. Rajamouli in an interview said that his heart is with Web series. In future, there is a chance that Home theatres might have full demand.

The filmmakers and producers will find the ways and means to see that they reach the homes directly and also get paid for the same. The concept of coming to theatres is already going down and in future, it will not be three.

So finally one has to depend on the digital platform to watch movies at home. The web series will be in thing for the future, where people can see the movies on mobile phones and also laptops.