Bharateeyudu Kamal launches Khaddar fashion


Kamal Hassan the popular hero from Bharateeyudu has failed in politics and now wants to sell clothes. That too using Khaddar. Selling fashion brands is not new for popular heroes.

But Kamal has entered politics very late and failed. IN the same fashion he wants to sell clothes in Khaddar now We have to see how far the public will encourage him in this business.

He has divorced Gautami and is alone now. His Daughter Shruthi is busy acting.

Now the actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan is all set to foray into the fashion business. Kamal will be launching his fashion label ‘House of Khaddar’ in November. Kamal is aiming to give a global platform to Indian hand-woven clothes and accessories by launching House of Khaddar’s first store in Chicago, USA.

The clothing line is designed by noted fashion designer Amritha Ram. Kamal actually wants to go International with Khaddar. Let’s hope he will succeed. His Bharateeyudu 2 is yet to be completed.