Bhagat will win Nagarjunasagar:KCR

kcr cm

Please assess yourself and then vote for the right people he said. He was addressing a mammoth meeting here at Haliya. The people must decide as to who would develop the constituency.

Nomulas Son is contesting and he is educated and Bhagat will do well KCR assured. Bhagat is having enough support and he must get votes on 17nth suggested KCR.

KCR assured that all the pending projects will be completed by the TRS. Janareddy never bothered about Nandikonda he reminded. Bhagat will resolve the municipal issues pertaining to the lands he said.

Janareddy was an MLA for so many years but so far there was no degree college he pointed out. KCR reminded that he never bothered about posts and only strived for the achievement of Telangana.

We are giving a pension 10 times higher than other parties he stated. Dharani portal created history he said. Water issue, power issue resolved. Janareddy never fought for the welfare of the people he charged.

We have cultivated about 55 lakh acre of paddy this yasangi and will add further he said. See the development and then vote for the TRS KCR suggested.

Koti Reddy will be the MLC soon KCR assured. The Podu land issues will also be resolved he stated. Bhagat winning is confirmed he said.