Be careful with vegetables and leaves


People talk about health vegetables and left vegetables. But they are also hazardous to health sometimes. It all depends on what kind of water is used to grow them.

Most of the vegetables and leafy vegetables are grown in dirty waters. When it comes to Hyderabad, they are grown in the music filth. Dirty water is drawn with motors and used for vegetable and leafy vegetable cultivation.

High levels of posionous metal residues are found in these vegetables which are supposed to give you good health. Some times they are ground into chutneys and not cooked properly. That is also bad for health.

Proper washing and boiling of vegetables is a must for maintaining good health. More cooking of the vegetables kills all the proteins they say, but if you don’t cook properly the hazardous residue and chemicals remains in the food.

That is causing fevers and diseases. So think twice before consuming vegetables and leaves. Clean them properly, cook them at high temperatures.

Dont try to eat them raw in the name of health. It is same with the non-veg also. It all depends on what kind of food the animals have taken.