Its Bathukamma time in Telangana, while it is Durga puja in other parts of the country. Like the Bengalis the Telugu people are also installing Durga idols in a big way. The pandals erected for the Ganesh Pooja are now being used for Durga worship.

Its Bathukamma time in Telangana

The Bengalis are enthralled to welcome Goddess Durga along with her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and Kartikeya to earth. The Gods and the Goddesses pay a visit to their devotees on earth and depart to their heavenly abode on Dashami. With Shashti, the festivities begin with great fervour.

At Bengali samithi in front of Indirapark the local Bengalis have gathered to install Durga matha at the PingaliVenkatram reddy hall here in Hyderabad.

Its Bathukamma time in Telangana

The chief of Jargruthi MP from Nizamabad K Kavitha has decided to visit 9 places outside India for celebrating Bathukamma. Perhaps she would come to India for a day for the event. Ladies dressed in colorful attires play around heaps of flowers for the well being of the families and also the mankind. They go around Bathukammas clapping hands and singing songs.Later they distribute prasadam and snacks. After that the Bathukamma flowers are immersed in the lakes nearby.


Desa Priya Park:

This Durga Pandal is a must visit as the idol made of cement and fibre glass is about 88 feet tall. The idols of Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Ganesh and Kartikeya have been placed outside the pandal owing to their massive construct. The organisers have reportedly written to the Guinness World Records, to list it in the annual as the world’s tallest Durga idol


Unfortunately, the pandal has been temporarily closed down due to a stampede because of overcrowding. (Do check if the pandal has been reopened before visiting).

Suruchi Sangha

Suruchi Sangha in New Alipore is one of the most popular Pandals in South Kolkata. It is near the petrol pump on Nalini Rajan Avenue.

The Pandal is over 50 years old but gained popularity in the last decade owing to its exquisite artwork.


This Pandal will be celebrating its 82nd year since the Mudiali Club Durgatsab was formed. The idols of Durga in this Pandal have often been inspired by traditional forms of the Goddess, social causes, current events or ancient stories. This year too, this Pandal will have something unique to offer.


Tridhara Sammilani

The Tridhara Sammilani Durgatsab is one of the oldest clubs at organises Durgotsav. The club comes up with unique and traditional themes for its pandals and hence its popularity.

Badamtala Ashar Sangha

This Sangha which is over 75 years old is famous for its Pandals. Year after years, lakhs of visitors gather here to catch a glimpse of their tribute to Maa Durga and her children.