Bangaru Vasalamarri in one year:KCR

kcr cm

I will come to this village for the next 20 times. There is a big task and mission that has to be accomplished for Vasalamarri said KCR the Chief Minister of Telangana. It should become Bangaru Vasalamarri in the near future.

He was addressing the villagers of Vasalamarri after having lunch with them.

We must all love each other and said that there should be no police cases. We all must love each other and it is bound to become golden Vasalamarri he suggested.

If the CM is with you things are going to happen heh said. There is no proper infrastructure here he opined. I wanted to develop this place. My agriculture fields are close to your village KCR stated.

Because of Corona things were postponed. Only development here and there is no caste creed or community he suggested. We all must develop together he opined.

There should be no need for police in your area he said. The Government will extend all the help he assured. All are my family members in the village.

Will arrange gramanidhi also in the future he said. Minister Dayakar Rao is here he will help you KCR assured. Yadadri collector will be the special officer for development in Vasalamarri he assured.

Will spend 150 crore no issue he said.