Bandla Ganesh will have the support of Mega family


Bandla Ganesh the producer and actor is now contesting as an independent for the post of General Secretary for MAA elections. First, he was in the team of Prakash Raj.

But now he has become an Independent. But he will have the support of the Mega family, there is no doubt about it. Whoever gets around 300 votes will get elected for the post that he is contesting.

That is the reason the members are concentrating on around 400 votes in General for the MAA election. The parties and get-togethers are going on apart from meeting the members in person.

But it is going to be a tough election this time. Prakash Raj is campaigning his level best to win the election and he is going to influence at the CM KCR level for getting the things done.

He wants to beg and borrow for the welfare of the MAA members. Around 250 members are supposed to be below the poverty line and they have to be helped.

We have to see how far Bandla will succeed in the election. Manoj Manchu is also forging ahead along with Mohan babu and others.