Bandla Ganesh loses again


Bandla Ganesh withdrew his nomination from the MAA elections in favour of the Prakash Raj panel. It was a known fact that Bandla will change the colour for selfish reasons.

In the last elections as the Congress party spokesperson, he could not even get a ticket to contest. That is his credibility. There is talk that as he comes from Pawan Kalyan camp, the Jagan group and others will see to it that he may lose the contest.

To be on the safe side he has withdrawn from the contest. As the Prakash group is also supported by the Chiranjeevi group, the Jagan group might help Mohan Babu and his son Vishnu Manchu panel as they are related to YSR and his brother.

The rift between Pawan and Jagan might take a toll on the Prakash Group. So we have to see how far Prakash will be able to make it in the coming elections on 10nth.

There is also a talk that the Chiranjeevi group has strategically fielded Bandla as an Independent General Secretary for MAA. Now that Bandla is not in the race for MAA elections, he can talk against Posani Krishna Murali in support of Pawan Kalyan.

For the first time, the MAA elections are taking many twists and turns. Naresh the former President has appealed that a Telugu person must become the President of MAA.