Bandla Ganesh grabs media attention


Bandla Ganesh always grabs media attention in some form or the other. Yesterday he was at the ED office where the media stopped him and posed many questions.

Bandla knows that he will not be allowed to meet Puri Jaggannath at the office. Puri was questioned from morning to evening. Bandla who visited ED office was all over the media channels.

Bandla clarified that he was not involved in the case and came to see his brother Puri at the office as he was there for a long time. Right now Bandla is planning to become a hero in the remake of a Tamil movie.

Abhishek is doing the same remake in Hindi. Bandla is also trying to for the dates of Pawan Kalyan and wants to produce a movie. Earlier he was busy talking for the Congress party on the TV channels.

But he could not get the seat to contest. He lost all the reputation in the Congress party. Now he is back to the movies and wants to become a hero.