Bandla Ganesh bats for double bedroom houses

ganesh bandla

Filmi People are expecting MAA elections in September. Manchu Vishnu is riding high for the post of President in the name of building a permanent building to MAA with his own funds.

All others are for the construction of a building. But Bandla Ganesh who is in the Prakash Raj panel opined that there was no need for a permanent building for MAA.

This statement is not made on his own. It is clearly from the mega compound. Mega brothers are supporting Prakash Raj openly.

There is a talk that Chiranjeevi has fielded Prakash Raj on the suggestion of a political party.

There will be a multi-cornered contest this time and this will help Prakash Raj in splitting the vote. There are around 900 members in MAA.

“I oppose this and for now MAA doesn’t need any permanent complex. But this is my opinion and it has nothing to do with the panel I’m contesting.

Instead of spending Rs 20 crore on a permanent building, we can construct double bedrooms for poor artists and it would be a next-level move,” said Bandla.

The decision to hold MAA elections is pending with Disciplinary Committee chairman UV Krishnam Raju.

The Executive Committee meeting of MAA is scheduled for this Sunday and also on August 29th. Probably after these meetings, clarity would arrive.