Bandla Ganesh acting like an innocent man

Bandla Ganesh

Bandla Ganesh started his career as an extra artist and with the help of Pawan Kalyan, he grew into a big producer. Made movies with Pawan, Ram Charan and also NTR.

Later he joined politics and failed miserably. Now he is trying to become a hero. He is doing a remake and is playing the role of an innocent person. The other day he went to meet Puri Jagannath at the ED office.

Right now there is a poster where he is seen sitting in the police station. Bandla Ganesh is a person who challenged that he can get the appointment of the American President in no time.

That is his confidence. Now he has become a hero. The same movie is being made in Hindi with Abhishek as the hero. Bandla the other day has clarified that he will not make movies with his own money.

He always takes finance and invests in the movies. He never lost big money. Bandla admits that he has taken the people for a ride and later informed them.

Bandla is also trying to make a movie with Pawan Kalyan and waiting for his dates.