Balaiah as Bheeshma for Bheeshma Ekadasi


NTR biopic is a very ambitious project started by Balayya in two parts. In one part, the director could not tell the story and brought the protagonist and the superhero in two parts. But one beyond the other became a disaster.

Balayya later felt sorry that he should not have done the biopic of his father. There are times when it feels like the biopic should be done with the utmost care. Earlier, the film was directed by Teja and later Satkarni director Krish completed the movie.

However, despite the flop of the film, there was a good response to the getups made by Balayya in the film. Balayya worked very hard for the film.

He changed himself a lot to look like his fathersenior NTR. Especially at that time, Balayya put a lot of getups made by NTR in these movies. Even the make-up team in these two movies seems to faced issues.

Recognition for their hard work also came in handy. In some scenes, however, Balayya fans also celebrated the festival by saying that they saw the real NTR in Balakrishna. Meanwhile, for this biopic, Balayya casts all the mythological characters including Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna. That includes Bhishma.

At that time NTR appeared in the role of Bhishma. Balayya also played the same role for the biopic. However it was not in the movie.

Director Krish shot these scenes in full length. However, on Tuesday, Balayya released stills of himself playing the role of Bhishma in the film on the occasion of Bhishma Ekadashi.

Photos of them are now going viral. Fans are going viral with photos of Balayya in Bhishmudi Getup. Fans are getting fed up with Balayya Getup. Bhale Unnadra Balayya Babu .. Why this getup was not put in the movie .Bhishma’s childhood photos are now going viral.