rrr movie launch pics

Balakrishna the Babai of NTR was absent for the launch of RRR. People said that it would be Chiranjeevi from Charan side and Balaiah babu from NTR side. Most of them were expecting the star Balaiah to be present for blessing the NTR. But there was some disappointment. The photos went viral already even without calling the media and involving the media.Managing the media is a big issue these days. There are hundreds of media men coming for the events, even without invitation in the name of Press so on and so forth. Sometimes they are spoiling the show.

rrr movie

That is the reason big banners are avoiding the media to the extent possible. It is reported that some of the cinema people were seen discussing the absence of Balaiah babu for RRR. Some others said that he was busy with NTR biopic. There was also a talk that the RRR is for a title about Rama and Ravana. Rama would be Charan and Ravan with heavy dialogues and body could be NTR.If Balaiah was there he would have stolen the thunder from Chiranjeevi and Raghavendra Rao.