Bada Ganesh Nimajjan complete

Bada Ganesh Nimajjan

The Khairatbad Ganesh was immersed in the lake waters at about 3.30 today. People from across the city witnessed the Nimajjan process. The police had a sigh of relief after the Bada Ganesh entered the lake waters.

It was raining when the Ganesh entered the lake waters. It looked as if the rain god blessed the Ganeshas coming for the Nimajjan process. The general procession of the idols is yet to come to the Mojamjahi market.

The Bada Ganesha was given a good farewell with Band Baaja and Baarat. Thousands of Bhaks walked with the Ganesha to the Tankbund from the Khairatabad Pandal. The Shoba yatra of the Khairatabad Ganesh took around 6 hours. The police succeeded in doing the NImajjan in the shortest time possible.

The Pooja here started around 5.30 in the morning and later the procession started to Tankbund lake.