indian films

It’s a bad summer for Films. Hollywood which is considered to be the highest maker of films in India is in deep crisis. The Corona has jolted the film industry.

So probably there could be no films in the summer for this year in the name of Corona. But the big-ticket film RRR is scheduled for next year so there is no big issue as such.
But the shootings have come to a grinding halt and the daily wage workers of the film industry are suffering for a meal. They are surviving on the donations.

Chiranjeevi the megastar has taken the lead in collecting the funds and some NGOs like Green India challenge are distributing the food packets for the film workers.

If the lockdown ends this month, then the shootings will resume in May. But in house activities like scriptwriting, music sitting is going on here and there.

Some NGOs are cooking food and distributing it among the film and daily wage workers.