Kabali was an Ok movie, but collections were good. Now Kaala is better than Kabali that is what the media is reporting and the public is saying. But the real movie that the people are waiting is 2.0 directed by Shankar. Akshay Kumar and Rajini are acting in the movie and it has been postponed from time to time.

 Rajinikanth 2.0

Now the latest is that the VFX work is still to be done. The latest date is 2019 and the month is yet to be decided. Overall it is not a good year for Rajinikanth and it has to be seen what would he do in the politics. Both Rajini and Kamal are coming into active politics in Tamilnadu and majority of them are of the opinion that Rajini will make a good politician.

 Bad luck for Rajinikanth

Film Kaala could note be released in Karnataka and Dhanush is facing losses. The statement made by Rajini on Cauvery is the main issue. So when it active politics and after coming to the mainstream, Rajini must think twice before he makes statements on any issue. Overall Kaala is an average film with average collections here and there. But the news that Rajini is getting ready for another movie with the same director PaRanjith for a third film.