koratala siva

Its bad luck for Koratala Shiva the ace director who has given many hits to Mahesh Babu. Koratala after being a successful director wants to be a producer.

It is learnt that he wants to join hands with a big production house and then produce films. But these days the film’s stars are the coproducers and have become shareholders for the movies.

So becoming a producer for a film with reputation is not easy. Corona is another factor which haunting the film industry and Shiva. He could not become a producer and now he has stopped the movie, Acharya.

He has promised Chiranjeevi to complete the movie in just 99 days. But the same is not happening. He has to wait for another 15 days to continue the movie with Chiranjeevi.

The lady lead role is not yet finalised. So both ways Koratala has to wait. One has to see where will this Carona ake the filmi people. So far no one is infected in the film industry.

When it comes to Koratala he has to wait for some more time to become a real producer.