Babu in trouble for Sujana

Babu in trouble for Sujana
Babu in trouble for Sujana

Is Sujana Chowdhary the blue eyed boy of Babu very unpopular In Delhi and also with the PM Modi? The rumors are saying so in the capital. It is reported that before the next cabinet rejig in the BJP at the centre, AP CM Chandrababu may ask Sujana to step down on his own.

When Chandra Babu met Modi in an inforaml meet it is reported that Modi was very unhapy over Sujana Chowdhary’s attitude. They also discussed about the allegations on Sujana on the repayments of loans to the banks. Unless and until he comes clean on these matters the BJP is no mood to continue him. Modi had a detailed list of performances of the Ministers in the country.


Ashoka Gajapathi Raju also from Andhra is in the good books for Modi and it is likely that he could be elevated in case of any cabinet expansion in the near future it is reported. However Babu could not face Modi this time properly because of the wrong doing of Sujana Chowdhary.

Chandra Babu may not ask Sujana to resign but he may convince him to repay all the bank debts and win the heart of PM Modi. But the reality is once Modi forms an opinion against anyone, it is very difficult to change his mind.
Rumours are spreading that PM Modi gave a huge shock to AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu. It is a known fact that TDP MP Sujana Chowdhary is enjoying the luxury of Union Ministership despite defaulting loans from various banks.

PM Modi and the ruling BJP for quite sometime tolerated due to coalition dharma. However with support to PM Modi and BJP growing and the same proven with the recent victories in various states, BJP decided not to give any chance to opposition to question its government.