Baahubali-2 this night ...

As per the latest buzz, ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ movie will have a scene where Amarendra Baahubali statue will be erected. We all have seen a shot in the trailer where people of Mahishmati are amazed with wonder while watching something. This is said to be the exact scene.. where Baahubali statue is being erected.

It is known that out there are several mesmerizing scenes in ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, the erection of Bhallaladeva statue is one of them. Audience were literally amazed at the scene. If you are also one of those guys who are amazed at the scene.. then get ready for another similar scene. But this time, it is going to be the much bigger statue of Baahubali.


As ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ is getting ready to hit the screens , all the eyes are on Rajamouli and his team now. They are vigorously promoting the film as very less time left the release. Several interesting details are coming out regarding the much awaited film on daily basis. The statue of Baahubali is one such thing.

One board member from the Telugu Film Censor Boards said, “The scene of the installation of the 100 feet statue of Baahubali is brilliant. There are a few interesting scenes, but the film on the whole is just okay. Unexpectedly, Baahubali: The Beginning became a huge blockbuster, that was sheer luck. So for the second one, the filmmakers needed to hype the film even more, as expectations are high. So far they’ve succeeded on the hype.”


Because of the pressure from public, the distributors from the Nizam area are releasing the film on April 27. “We are screening one show of the film, at all multiplexes one day in advance, at 9.35 pm,” says Sunil Narang a distributor. While the tickets are priced normally, this is the first time that a Telugu film in recent times, will release before a ‘benefit show’.’’