Azhar wants probe into HCA

Azhar wants probe into HCA

Former Indian cricket captain and Congress leader Azharuddin want probe against the illegal activities of Hyderabad cricket association.

Azhar charged that everything was going against the rules in HCA. He charged that educated people were doing everything wrong in HCA.

He demanded that a probe must be conducted into the activities of the HCA for the development of cricket in Hyderabad.

Azhar wants probe into HCA

He said that the people at the helm of affairs in HCA do not know that Azhar played cricket for Hyderabad and that he has every right to question about the activities of HCA.

Azhar said that a lot of illegal things were going in HCA and that no one is there to question them at the helm of affairs.

It may be noted that earlier Azhar was not allowed to contest in the HCA elections. Azhar has earlier faced match-fixing allegations was not allowed to play for the country.