Azhar not eligible to contest

Is Azhar eligible to contest

Azharuddin is not eligible to contest for HCA elections. Is Azharuddin eligible to contest for the post of President of Hyderabad cricket Association? Yes the matter is pending with the returning officer of the election. Former India captain Mohammed. Azharuddin, who has filed his nomination is awaiting for the decision .

It is reported that the returning officre of HCA has in fact sent a mail to Azharuddin seeking clarification on the ban imposed on him by the BCCI over the alleged match fixing scandal. It is learnt that the former Captain has already submitted the court judgement regarding the ban and also explained that the BCCI has in fact accepted the judgement and did not contest again on his ban.

Is Azhar eligible to contest

The returning officer said that he had sought clarifications on three issues — whether the BCCI had officially lifted the ban on Azharuddin, whether he has the right to participate and vote in the elections representing the National Cricket Club.

The decision will come out this evening once the Returning officer takes a decision after the careful scrutiny of the papers filed by Azharuddin.