Ayodhya Ram Lalla darshan before elections 

The BJP is trying to utilise Rama and Ayodhya for the coming parliament elections. Especially when the Opposition is trying to gang-up under Prashant Kishore, the BJP is trying to complete the Ayodhya Ram Temple at the earliest.
The main idols of Ram Temple will be shifted into the newly constructed Temple with all the hungama. The people will be reminded of the Ayodhya Ram Temple construction and the votes will be sought indirectly.
The construction of the Temple is supposed to be completed by 2025. The elections will be in 2024. The rest of the works for the Ayodhya Temple will be completed after the deities are shifted into the sanctum sanatorium.
Right now the BJP is busy with the coming Assembly polls in the five states. Uttar Pradesh holds the key for the next elections. The BJP has to win the UP to win the next parliament elections.
According to Prashant Kishore the popular poll strategist it is not easy to take on the mighty BJP and Modi-Shah Jodi. But he is trying. It starts with the election of the President of India.
Right now the Congress is in the ICU, but they are trying to revamp the party with the help of Prashant Kishore. Right now the Congress is doing noise in Telangana under the leadership of Revnath Reddy.
Congress is working out a strategy to revitalise the party in all the states. The BJP on the other hand is trying to bring in Shiv Sena back into the fold.
But according to the majority of the surveys, the BJP is going to form the Government again in 2024.