Asuran Dhanush will direct the next movie of Rajinikanth


A lot of rumours are spreading around the filmi career of Thalaiwa Rajinikanth. The last movie of Rajinikanth is going to be a family affair it is reported.

Will it be the last movie or will Rajini continue in movies is the big question. Rajini who was in America for a medical check-up had a family get-together with Dhanush and his wife.

In America they had the discussions on the last movie that Rajini would be working for it is reported. The family will produce the movie. Rajini has already landed in Chennai.

There could be a formal announcement of the said movie with Dhanush by this Diwali. Kochchhadiyan was a big disaster that was directed by Aishwarya the daughter of Rajini.

Now Dhanush is planning the movie with uncle Rajini. There are high expectations of the movie. Dhanush is gearing up to take up direction responsibility. It is a big and prestigious task.

Right now Rajini is getting ready for the release of Annaththee.

Healthwise Rajinikanth is doing Ok and he wants some rest before he ventures into another movie. It is reported that they want to make the movie in a leisure fashion as per the convenience of the Superstar.

As far as politics are concerned Rajini has retired before even entering into the arena.