Assembly special session



The AP Government will be holding a special session on 20th of this month. Jaganmohan Reddy the AP Chief Minister is expected to announce his final decision on the three capitals.

There is stiff opposition on the proposed decision of the YSRC Government. But it looks like Jagan will go ahead with the decision. Already there are cases against the 3 capitals in the court.

The central government is yet to make an announcement over the issue. It has to be seen how far the YSRC Government will able to shift the courts to Kurnool.

Chandrababu Naidu, on the other hand, is moving earth and heaven to stall the decision of the YSRC Government. It has to be seen how far the TDP leaders will succeed in stalling the decisions of the YSRC Government and protectin capital here in Vijayawada.

Except for 2 districts, Visakhapatnam is at a greater distance to all other areas. But Jagan is bent upon shifting the base to Visak in the name of development to all the regions. decentralisation of the powers.