Ashok Galla is here to stay

One more hero from Mahesh relative has done well on the screen with his film Hero and he is here to stay. It may not be an extraordinary hit movie. But cant write him off.

He has the actor material and can further improve in the process. We can say Tollywood has one more hero with the support of Mahesh Babu the hero and financial support from the Galla family.

He is the son of Galla Jaydev the Guntur MP from the TDP related to the Hero Mahesh Babu family. The movie Hero has good comedy also. One can watch it for this festival. Along with Bangar Raju Hero is also Ok.

On the whole, Hero is a fun thriller that has some decent comedy and engaging thrills in the first half. Ashok Galla makes an impressive debut and the songs are good. HERO has enough masala moments to saviour this Sankranti and ends as a neat time pass watch.

Father and grandmother in politics, Ashok has all the support to continue in the movies.