Arjun plants saplings

hero arjun

Arjun the hero who is popular as a one day CM has planted saplings as part of Green India Challegene Initiated by TRS MP Joginapally SanotshKumar.

Nearly 5 crore saplings have been planed by various groups of people as part fo green India Challenge. Haritha Haram is also going on side by side the initiative taken up by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.


Arjun who planted the saplings that it is a very good initiative where oxygen is being provided for the future generations apart from reducing the humidity in the climate.

Arjun, on the other hand, has given the green India challenge to Jagapathi Babu. Director Selvamani and also Khusbu the popular actor. The green India challenge is being appreciated by one and all across all the countries and the Indians are taking it in a big way.

Telangana at the same time is getting saplings planted in a big way in various programs. This will benefit the state from the environment side. Even the parliamentarians are participating in the green India challenge.