Are people rejecting film stars?


It looks like voters are rejecting the Film star in Politics. They like MGR, NTR and Jayalalithaa. But after that, they started rejecting the film stars.

It happened in Telugu states and now in Tamilnadu. Rajinikanth with gods grace did not enter the political arena. Even before the elections he quit politics and said would concentrate on the Films.

But the other hero Kamal Hassan tried again in the Assembly elections after losing miserably in the parliament elections. The people said no to Kamal Hassan.

Rajini said no to politics as his health was in a bad shape. physically he will not able able to cope up with the running around in elections. But Kamal tried his best and the people rejected him.

Earlier Chiranjeevi megastar from Tollywood also tried his hand in politics and could win only around 20 seats. Now he says no to politics. His brother Pawan Kalyan is now running Jana Sena, but even Pawan Kalyan was rejected by the people in Andhra Pradesh.

He has just won one seat in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We have to see how far he would able to withstand the onslaught from the YSRC in the near future.