AP Govt crack the whip on Cinema


AP Minister for Cinematography Perni Nani has clarified in the Assembly that there will be no extra shows in the odd hours and there cannot be the extra price for the cinema tickets.

This will be a big blow to the producers who spend a bomb on the production of movies and loot the money in just one weeks time by dumping the movie in 1000 theatres.

This is a blow to a movie like RRR which was supposed to rake up money in AP and Telangana as the first step. They say that an investment of about Rs500 crore into the movie could be a jacked-up figure.

Now they want to make money left right and centre in the name of providing entertainment. One way the state government has done the right thing for the viewers and cine-goers.

The Telangana government has opened up for the parking fee also. Earlier there was no parking fee in the multiplexes. We have to see how the industry would react to this decision of the AP Government.