ap high court

The AP Government cannot shift any office from Amaravathi till the next month of 26th. A division bench of the court will go into the merits of the case on shifting of Amaravathi office to Visakhapatnam and Kurnool.

Till such time there cannot be any shifting of any sort. On the other hand, the Chief Justice has also taken into consideration the proceedings of the Chairman of the Legislative council who has referred the bills to the select committee.

The court decision will take another one month, the decision of the select committee will come up after three months. So the YSRC Government cannot shift anything to Visakhapatnam before 3 months time.

When it comes to the shifting of the court to Kurnool, the central Government has to make a decision. The State Government cannot shift the court on its own.

The court decisions and the Chairman Sharifs decision came as a breather and a relief to the people of Amaravathi who have given lands to the state Government earlier.