Bommali Anushka was in love some time ago. This was stated by her in a TV Show while she was promoting the movie Nishabdam. She explained that Prabahs is a very close friend to here and nothing beyond that.

There were rumours in the industry that Anushka was in love with Prabhas during the Baahuabli shooting period so on and so forth. But both of them brushed this kind of talk as just rumours.

Anushka’s mother some time ago made a statement that she likes Prabahs very much and she also confirmed that they were friends. She has completed 15 years in Tollywood.

Super was her first movie with Nagarjuna and Puri Jagannath was the director. They taught her acting right from scratch and completed the first movie.

Baahubali and Arundhati are the movies which created sensation and Anushka was talked about her acting abilities. Now the latest rumour is that she is going to get married to Kovelamdui Prakash the son of popular director Raghavendra Rao.