Anti-BJP stance is working-Telugu states


The stand of Chandrababu Naidu to go all out against PM Modi and BJP in the name of special status is working. A survey done by a former Congress MP has revealed that the TDP can be hopeful of coming back to power with lesser margins.

Now Chandrababu is trying to plug the lopes holes in his stance against Modi and his government for further improving his image.

KCR the Telangana CM is the other person who is also going against Modi in the name of improving the standards of the common man across the Nation. But when it comes to his governance in Telangana, the people are more or less happy with him and there is no scope for the Congress to come to power here in the state.

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The BJP is nowhere in the Telugu states and they are daydreaming about coming to power. They can mar the chances of TDP to some extent, but in Telangana, there are no chances of whatsoever left. Just a dozen leaders cannot do anything in the Telugu states. They cannot repeat a Tripura now as the opposition is gearing up for a Karnataka kind of experiment across the country which has proved to be a great hit.

The special status will bring Babu back to power and the Bangaru Telangana slogan with Rythu Bandhu will get KCR back to power. But it has to be seen what Babu and KCR will do to trounce Modi at the centre. Only one alternative will be good to take on Modi.

The third front and the federal front with the opposition getting divided will ensure Power for Modi. It is right for the opposition to gang up locally and then come under one roof at the centre against Modi.

Otherwise, Modi will scrape through with a wafer-thin majority in 2019.

u. srinivas