Annual Wildlife census report of Amrabad Tiger Reserve


The Amrabad Tiger Reserve is home to the highest population of Tigers in Telangana. Phase IV monitoring is being conducted for monitoring the Tigers in every Tiger Reserve in India, Whereas, estimation of prey population density (i.e. spotted deer, Sambar, Nilgai, Wild pigs Four horned antelope and Chinkara etc) is done by LINE TREANSECT ESTIMATION method.

This phase-IV monitoring and estimation will give an idea to the Protected Area Managers, how the Prey- Predator densities are there in the Protected area.

Which areas in PA are more with prey densities and which are the areas where tiger movements are more and which areas are disturbed and requires management intervention etc. In case of Tiger monitoring, Phase -IV monitoring (Annual) is conducted in identified areas of the TR.

Last time during the 2019 Phase -IV census, we could capture only 12 identified Tigers. During the 2020-21 year Phase IV monitoring has been conducted in parts of the core area of Tiger reserve, and could capture (14) identified individual tigers and compared with existing tiger Database of our Tiger Reserve.

Once in four years, entire Tiger Reserve, core and Buffer areas will be covered with cameras to capture total population then more individual tigers could be recorded. In the Line transect exercise, the population density of ungulates is estimated and the Spotted deer along with Wild pig occupied the first place with 2.40 individuals/ Sq.Km, followed by Sambar with 1.65 individuals/ Sq.Km and Nilagai with 1.41 individuals/ Sq.Km followed by Common Langur with 1.37 Nos/ Sq.Kms.

This year, Water hole census were also conducted in our tiger reserve, the results shown that early morning hours and evening hours were preferred timings by Ungulates for visiting water holes to drink water, a total of 43 wild animal species were recorded.