Andhra talks about Vivekas murder

YS Vivekananda

After two years Vivekas murder is yet an unresolved mystery. People are not convinced with the confession of driver Dastagiri who also participated in the murder.

But who funded and provoked them to do the murder is the question. There is punishment for abetting the murder of VIP who is also the brother of a VVIP and uncle of a VVIP.

Except for making allegations against the leader of the opposition Chandrababu Naidu, CM Jagan did not make any comment on the issue of his uncle Viveka.

So far MP Avinash Reddy has not been questioned. He was named Dasatagiri. There is a talk and rumour that Jagan will be nailed and that there is no other option but to go to Jail.

The CC cameras also did not produce any evidence near the house of Viveka. The evidence of the watchman of Viveka was not taken seriously.

The supari is 40 crore which was not heard before. 40 crore for killing a person. Who will have 40 crore is the question? The CBI must dig deep into the issue and get the real culprits.

The persons named by Dastagir were just tools and this must lead the CBI to the real culprits who ordered this supari and assured to protect the killers.