The state of Andhra Pradesh is on the verge of Collapse said the Congress working President Revanth Reddy. Talking to the media he opined that now no investor is going to AP with the conditions prevailing in AP.

All of them are looking at Telangana and that he is very happy about it. But as an Indian, he is bothered about the future and the plight of Andhra Pradesh.

He said that the real estate in Hyderabad and Telangana is growing fast. The investors are looking at Telangna only and no one wants to take a risk with Andhra Pradesh now.

Now the BJP is also stepping to protest for Amaravathi. Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan is in Delhi and he would be coming to Kakinada to protest against the attitude of the YDRC leaders against women of Jana Sena.

All is not well with Andhra Pradesh now. Unless and until Jagan the CM of AP gives a concrete assurance on the capital and other things, there is no chance that the investors would look at it now.

The damage is done and it will take quite some time to put back the development back on to the rails in the state of Andhra Pradesh.