Amit Shah is spending 4 days in Hyderabad every month, the intelligence has reported to the state Government. The reason behind his presence is, that he wants to lure in top political leaders who matter into the BJP fold.

Names of Revanth Reddy from TDP, Komati Reddy brothers from Congress are floated saying that they will join the BJP. There are reports that a dozen MLAs from TRS are in touch with the BJP. There is also a big rumor that even Harish Rao is in touch with Amit Shah. All the meetings in Hyderabad and parties are busy with the rumors of people joining the BJP and that the BJP wanting to come to power.

But Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao clarified that he is not going for any early polls in the state of Telangana. His son and Minister for IT K T Rama Rao said that the TRS is ready for polls any time and even for an early poll they are ready.

What is Amit Shah doing in Hyderabad ?

Political circles in Telangana are suspecting that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is making moves to go for early polls to the State Assembly in 2018. That is the reason BJP party Chief Amit Shah is looking at Telangana and making strategies with meetings across the state.

But no one can read the mind of KCR. Earlier there was a thinking that KTR would take the reigns of the party now they have changed the strategy. Even the TRS office was spruced up, but now the reality is that only nominations were filed in the name of KCR.

Chief Minister KCR is in a hurry and is announcing everything for the welfare of the poor Backward and also the Minorities. one year ahead of the scheduled polls in 2019, KCR announced free fertilisers for the farming community, the reservations have been increased in the Assembly with a Bill.

People and the leaders of the political parties are unable to understand as to why KCR is jumping the gun. Why KTR and Kavitha are addressing meetings across the state ?

Some are of the opinion that KCR is planning everything ahead to reduce the anti-incumbency factor in the state. The idea could be catch the opposition of-guard and go to the polls so that they will not be prepared for the polls.

Supporting such rumors, Chief Minister’s son and IT Minister K T Rama Rao also given clear hint about possibility of advance polls. He said in clear terms that the TRS is ready for all kinds of eventualities.

What is Amit Shah doing in Hyderabad ?

“We have no plans to go for snap polls. But, our party is ready to face the polls if they are held anytime ahead of schedule. It is, in fact, the BJP which is planning to hold early polls,” KTR said .

His comments assume significance as there are reports from Delhi that the Narendra Modi government at the Centre is planning to hold general election to the Lok Sabha and state Assemblies simultaneously at one go.

But the polls are scheduled in 2019 as such as per the norms. Will the centre advance the Polls and conduct both for the parliament and Assembly at the same time has to be seen.

The tone and tenor of the TRS leaders in the meetings is looking like as if they are going for the early polls. The meetings are looking as if they are fighting the elections. The way KTR is going against the Congress party shows that. He wants the people to bury the Congress party and vote for development.

But everything depends on the mind set of the TRS supremo who is a master strategist and knows the peoples pulse very well. He can change the mindset of people with just one meeting and in 30 minutes time.

That is KCR.