Allu Arjun says no- Sharwa grabs 96

allu arjun sharwannd

Yes 96 is the title of the film. There were rumours that Allu Arjun would be doing the movie and that Dil Raju would produce it. But now Allu Arjun is out of it. After a loud thinking, Dil Raju thought it fit to take Sharwanand for 96. It is a love story and Sharwa fits the bill. 96 was a hit in other languages and that made Dil Raju take the rights. He tried first with Arjun, but he did not like the idea.Now Dil Raju is trying the same with Sharwa. Sharwa will like it. Sharwa suits the love stories very well and it is a matter of time to get ready for the shooting. These days the predictions and assessments of Dil Raju are failing. He is unable to judge the outcome properly.

But anyway Allu Arjun has complimented that Sharwanand is a self-made hero. He came up to this stage by working hard. Let’s hope Dil will hit the bull’s eye this time and his judgement comes true. What Dil feels is that he is ok with some movies becoming a hit and some of them turning out to be flops. Overall he is in profits and that is all that matters. One cannot give hits all the time in a year. That is the reason he is combining small and big-budget movies so that in the end it gets balanced. The reality is that the trends are not encouraging for DilRaju.