The Government is wedded to the all-round developments of the Villages said K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. He was making a statement on Palle Pragaathi here in Assembly on the ever of the Budget session.

He said that the roads have been developed. The canals have been filled with water. The under groundwater has improved. The sanitation has improved and the garbage maintaining also has improved he said.

The Palle Pragathi has been done for around 40 days and it has improved the condition of the villages he said.

Peoples participation is important in all the programs he opined.

The officials must create awareness and involve the public in development from time to time. In the same fashion, the people must participate in the Haritah Haram for improving the greenery in villages he suggested.

The public representatives would be held responsible if the greenery is not improved in the villages the CM warned. He said that the Ministers and the officials will make surprise visits to check the development works in Villages the CM alerted.

The Palle Pragathi program will continue for the upkeep of the rural areas the CM added. The MIM MLA and also the TRS MLAs complimented the Palle Pragathi program of the Government under the guidance of KCR.