Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump has treated that all is well. The tension is escalating between Iran and US as the Iran General Sulmeni was killed. Trump has expressed his anger over the attitude of Iran.

A red flag has been hoisted on the main masjid of Iran, meaning war. On the other hand, Iran has attacked the US bases in Iran after the funeral of General Sulemani.

Trump proclaimed that US has the best military equipment and they would use it against Iran if needed. There is already a war-like situation between the US and Iran.

Trump is reviewing the missile attack of Iran. Iran has demanded that the US must take the military forces back. There is tension prevailing across the world and especially in Dubai.

What war breaks out between Iran and the USA is the question now. Iran has already attacked the American bases with Ballistic missiles and there is a chance that Trump will respond with Military action.

But the latest tweet from Trump is saying all is well. We have to see who far the tension will escalate between US and Iran.