kaleshwaram project

The collectors of the 33 districts in the state of Telangana are scheduled to visit Kaleshwaram on 28th . They are visiting the irrigation projects on the suggestion of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Earlier they had met the Chief Minister in a village in Medal district for the collector’s conference and have seen some of the developments. They have come to know how a forest was developed in the district by which the rainfall has improved in the area.

Now they will be visiting the Kaleshwaram project, Medigadda and other barrages apart from the pump houses on their own. It may be noted that Kaleshawaram has been regarded as an engineering marvel and the Chief Minister is planning to take some Editors and Journalists to the project area in the near future.

Meanwhile, he wants the collectors to know about the project and the way it has been built and executed on time. Now there is water storage in the project which came from other states and was stored for the future usage of the agriculture.

The farmers under the project are very happy with the water that they are getting for the purpose of irrigation. The collectors will go to Warangal this night and then would visit the Mukteswara Swamy Temple before they go for the project visit on 28th.

The project was built in a record time of around 3 years with a cost of around 80000 crores.