Akki enters 50

Akki enters 50

Akshay kumar the Khiladi has entered his 50th year and has completed 49 in full. Akshay is now one of the top 4 stars in Bollywood and he also earns crores of money for his movies like the other 3 top stars of country. Akshay has a fascination for shoes and has more pairs than his wife Twinkle does.

Akshay and Twinkle go for a quiet dinner every Saturday, often to a seafood restaurant called Gajali where the bill never comes to more than Rs 600.

While in Bangkok, Akshay worked in a restaurant called Metro Guest House to make ends meet. Apart from Thai, Akshay loves Japanese cuisine. His favourite meal consists miso soup, salad, sushi and sashimi and fresh orange juice. Among desserts, he likes chocolate fudge cake and all Indian sweets.

Akshay is very emotional about the ‘firsts’ in his life. He still keeps his first house, car and motorcycle. Although he has a huge fan following around the world, but Akshay adores Hollywood actor Jackie Chan, Bollywood actors Danny Denzongpa and Amitabh Bachchan.


Akshay confessed in an interview that he used to steal watches in Chandni Chowk just to get some kick in life. While many know that Akshay Kumar is a Taekwondo black belt not many know that he is also learnt Muay Thai in Bangkok prior to joining the film industry in India. Akshay is a disciplinarian and wakes up at 5am. Most of his interviews are scheduled at 6 am.

Akshay Kumar starrer Boss entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest poster after beating Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’. Later the record was broken by Bahubali: The Beginning. Before becoming a superstar in Bollywood, Akshay made an appearance as a martial arts instructor in Mahesh Bhatt’s film in Aaj in 1987.


He is not called Khiladi for no reason, he has earned the title by doing 8 movies with Khiladi in the title – He still loves eating langar from Sisganj Sahib Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk. He is a fan of Chandni Chowk’s Giani ice creams.

Akshay still takes what his mother gives him. Be it haldi with milk or gargle with hot water. Akshay is strictly against picking body weights for fitness. He firmly believes in being able to swing and climb trees instead to body weights. Akshay’s bodyguard’s name is Shree Tele and he accompanies the actor to everywhere.

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Akshay is currently the ninth highest paid actor in the world. Currently, his estimated worth is $31.5 million, Just like his father, Akshay’s 13-year-old son Aarav is a pro in martial arts and recently attended to cooking course in London.

2 Akshay Kumar is a firm believer in not going for a makeover in movies. He believes he will not look younger in films. He likes to buy music from new musician, if he likes music of any new comer he buys music from musician and listens to it as often he can. He worked with the well-known photographer Jay Seth as a light boy.

Akshay’s favourite perfume is said to be Cool Water By Davidoff. Akshay has often said that his favourite film is Life is beautiful. Akshay loves cooking Italian pasta for his wife Twinkle.

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Deedar, co-starring Karisma Kapoor, was the first film Akshay Kumar signed, but Saugandh was his first release. Akshay Kumar does not support any one sport. He has been quoted saying that he loves all sports because they inspire him and his children. Akshay Kumar’s favourite actress is Sridevi.

Akshay Kumar still comes back to his one bedroom flat in Chandni Chowk without anyone’s knowledge. He has revealed that he wears a cap and goes unrecognized in the lanes and lives peacefully. While shooting, when the actor does not have time to do martial arts or go for jogs, he takes up running and climbing trees to stay fit.

The actor has gone on record to say that his monthly expenses on himself are not more that Rs 5000 per month. Akshay is very particular about not spoiling his children by pampering them. The actor’s son Aarav has travelled in economy class many times without complaining.