Akhanda mania grips America


Akhanda Mania has gripped America and also the Telugu states. The theatres are full even on the working day. The night shows of the majority of the multiplexes in Hyderabad city reported fulls too.

The popular single screens of Hyderabad city too reported fulls in the city. Dil Raju the producer for Nizam is very happy with the outcome.

Akhanda is the first film after the lockdown to have performed well on Monday and the film proved the point that Balakrishna’s craze is unstoppable.

Dil Raju who distributed the film in Nizam organized a party for the film unit. He along with the other members of the unit were happy that the cinema has definitely made a come back after the Corona.

Akhanda, on the other hand, is doing extremely well in overseas as well. The film is expected to collect one million dollar rupees at the box office,.