payal rajput

After her stunning performance in RX 100, now Payal Rajput the sexy siren is coming up with the latest movie called RDX love. Payal is already working for Venky mama with Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya.

Payal is already popular with her stunning looks and beauty. Now she is seen coming with flower mala in her hand showing her body from top to bottom. The youth is already aware of the RX beauty and now they would be looking forward for RDX love to explode on the silver screen.

Payal is also working in Disco Raja. Payla is having a lot of offers, but she is taking the time to choose the best from them. Tejas kancherla is the hero for RDX love and C Kalyan is the producer.Shankar Babu is the producer. The post-production work has to be done.

C Kalyan is confident that the RDX will explode like RX 100. Insiders say that there is a lot of exposing in the RDX and that the youth would love to watch it. Like RX 100 RDX is also coming up with a new theme.

Three movies with Payal Rajput are in the pipeline for release in the coming 6 months time. Payal is pinning high hopes on Venkymama.