rrr movie

Rajamouli wants to make it very big after the success of Baahubali. Both NTR and Ramcharan together are working hard for the movie. But according to the sentiment and by example, the heroes of Rajamouli have failed after a big success.

After Baahubali as predicted Prabahs darling has to face the disaster called as Saaho. Initially, the collections were good, but now the move is struggling to make break-even.

Junior NTR and Ramcharan also faced disasters after getting hits from Rajamouli. Now both of them form Nandamuri and Konidela family are working together for RR and even it makes a good impact on the market with super-duper hit, what next is the question they are facing now.


By 2020 they will be releasing the movie, but after the success of the movie, what they want to do is the question.

Junior NTR is planning something with Trivikram. But it all depends on the circumstances. Ramcharan also has one or two stories lined up for him. Right now he is busy with the release of his father’s movie Syeraa for which he is the producer.

If both Syeraa and RRR do well, that is more than enough for the time being for Ramcharan. But what about NTR. NTR is depending on Trivikram and also the director of KGF. The KGF director has already given NTR a good story it is reported.