After Company RGV is making D-Company


Ram Gopal Varma the controversial and genius director is now making a movie on life and times of Dawood Ibrahim. Earlier he made a movie called Company, now he is doing the movie called as D-Company.

One must have guts to do a movie on Bal Thackerey and Varada Bhai and RGV has made movies already. The Thackerays and so called Bhais like them and appreciated him .

But Ramu never tried movies on Gods or mythology as he does not believe in God. He copied the plots from God Father and made a movie called Satya with JD Chakravarthi and Urmila.

He never bothers about hit or failure. He leaves it to the audience. He never requests the audience or promises them anything from his movies. RGV had the guts to challenge the Bollywood movie makers and got success. He exploited the beauty of women with the camera in every angle and people loved it .

Rangeela is a fine example where Urmila was shown in every angle. He never bothered about heroes. He wanted actors suiting his stories. RGV will remain in History with his Shiva.