On the eve of Gurupurnima the former Minister Harish Rao who was snubbed in the recent times by the CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has worshipped Sai Baba here in Siddipet.

There is a tradition that the people who made it big are used to visit their gurus and take their blessings. People who got help in the name of Godfathers, would visit them during the guru Pornima and take their blessings.

Harish Rao who keeps saying that KCR is godfather and everything, should have taken the blessings of KCR today. It would have been big news in fact.

But Harish after visiting Tirumala chose to worship Sai Baba. If he had visited KCR and taken his blessing by saying that he was his real guru and mentor, ti would have made a big impact in the media and also political circles.

The political pundits are having doubts over the TTD visit of Harish as he is doing it for the second time after winning the elections. Did he meet anyone on Tirumala is the question?

But Harish openly admits that it is KCR who groomed him to this level and he would be loyal to KCR for the lifetime.