koratala siva

Koratala Shiva the ace director is in great demand these days. He wanted to complete Acharya with Chiranjeevi in 99 days, but Corona stopped it with the lockdown.

But he is already booked by Geeta Arts for Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun is working wth Sukumar for Pushpa. After Pushpa it will be with Koratala. 13 crores is the remuneration promised to Korataa Siv by Allu Arjun.

That is the demand Koratala is having these days in the industry. He is also having a story of Mahesh it is reported. Mahesh has to give a green signal.

After Acharya also, Koratala has to ben in Mega compound with Allu Arjun. Almost all the movies directed by Korata were super duper this and industry talked about them.

But Koratla says he wants to retire once the quota of his stories is over. He wants to be in the industry but will not direct the movie. Maybe he will become a producer.

But the industry will have to wait for another month to go ahead with the shootings.