Adi Purush in search of a Sita


Om Raut is the director for Adi Purush being acted Prabhas the international star. It will be a direct movie in Hindi for Prabhas and later will be dubbed in other languages.

It is reported that Prabhas is charging a bomb for this movie. The idea was to take Deepika Padukone for Prabhas , but she was already booked by Nag Aswhin for a big project with Prabhas.

Now they need another heroine for Prabhas. They were thinking about Pooja Hegde, but Pooja is already doing a movie with Prabhas called Radhe Sham.

In this manner Prabhas is getting projects at National and International level. After Baahuali the image of Prabhas has been elevated at International level and he needs big projects now.

Adi Purush will be the story of Rama and it will have a slight bent towards the Hindu religion it is learnt. There could be an undercurrent for Lord Rama it is reported.

Meanwhile the family members of Prabhas are eager to get him married at the earliest possible. Around 2000 matches have come for Prabhas and they are just waiting for his nod. Most of the girls are from the Raju community.

Prabhas is not particular that the girl should be from the Raju community.