Abhay slaps NTR all the time


This is about NTRs second son Abhay Ram. NTR was talking to Koratala Shiva on the show Evaru Meelo Koteshwarulu is the program on Gemini TV.

There is a talk that despite having good guests for the program, it is not having proper TRPs. Now they are planning to rope in Mahesh Babu the Prince for the program.

Earlier there was Ramcharan on TV with NTR, but there was no proper audience as expected. NTR is doing his best. Talking to director Korata Shiva, NTR said that his second son has the habit of slapping him and running away when he is in deep sleep.

This is fun he noted. NTR also revealed that his sons Bhargav and Abhay like watching action-oriented Cartoon movies. NTR wh has completed the RRR movie is planning to work with Koratala Shiva.

RRR will be released next year. It is with Ramcharan.