This Abbayi will disappoint you-Review

This Abbayi will disappoint you 
This Abbayi will disappoint you 

Maa Abbayi movie  story is based on a real incident that happened in Hyderabad sometime back. Sree Vishnu is the elder son of the family consisting of father, mother, and sister.

 The marriage is fixed for the sister, and the arrangements kickstart in a big way. While everyone is happy and their lives are going forward in a pleasant manner, a sudden bomb blast shakes up their lives, and Sree Vishnu is left alone while others in his family members lose their lives.


The lead actor Sree Vishnu is very active on the screen.  The female lead Chitra Shukla is good. Her looks are great, and she performed well too. The rest of the actors shined well and made their presence felt in the limited roles they were given.

 The screenplay is ordinary. The dialogues are just okay in the movie.The cinematography of the film handled by Thama Shyam. The cinematography of the film is one of the positive aspects of the film. The visuals are grand. The music scored by Suresh Bobbili failed to impress.

 The film ended as a half-baked product. With some decent visuals and good technical work, the film adds positive points. On the content side, the film is completely poor.

 Maa Abbayi is a disappointing film that released this weekend. Skip it.

Direction;Kumar Vatti

Producer: B Prakahs Rao

Music; Suresh Bobbili

Actors;Srivishnu, Chitra Shukla

Rating 2.5